“Chris Nelson was my editor on my book, The Prosperous Coach. He guided me and challenged me in a way that let me experience his professional expertise. More importantly, I experienced just how much he cared – which was essential for me as this was the first book I had ever written. That book has now sold over 50,000 copies, so Chris really knows his stuff. If you are seeking a world-class editor, I highly recommend you hire Chris.”
 ~ Rich Litvin
Founder of 4PC, co-author of The Prosperous Coach






“Chris Nelson has been a magical wordsmith and mentor to me and my books. It’s such a pleasure being edited by a gifted writer. I attribute much of the unexpected sales success of the books to the careful and creative work of Chris Nelson.” 
~ Steve Chandler, author of Time Warrior

 “Chris has been my editor for two best-selling books, though for me he brings much more than just his wordsmithing skills. He understands the whole writing and publishing process, from start to end. He helps me brainstorm, he nicely points out where things can be done better, he gives me options, he knows how to write sales copy… he even helps with kindle formatting! Really there’s not much I’ve ever run across that he DOESN’T do. And he does it all with expert skill, personal pride, and true professionalism. Writing definitely isn’t easy… though with Chris in my corner, it’s a hell of a lot easier!” 
~ Michael Anderson, author of The Experiment: Discover a Revolutionary Way to Manage Stress and Achieve Work-Life Balance and Soul Centered Leadership

I am grateful to have found the perfect editor to help bring my first book to life. Chris Nelson has a meticulous eye for detail and a genuine care for his craft. He was able to bring about greater clarity in my writing without losing the authenticity of my voice. Not only is he a skilled editor, but he’s a gifted mentor and coach. By working with Chris, I felt I had someone on my side who truly cared about my success. He guided me through the whole book writing process — from draft to publication — with ease and joy.
~ Sarah Kostin, author of You Are the Blue Sky

“I hired Chris Nelson as my editor based on the recommendation of a colleague who has written over 30 titles.  Chris was the only editor he recommended and I was not disappointed. Unlike any other editor I had interviewed, Chris was able to keep my voice intact as he helped me edit and polish my book.  He was able to help me see where I needed to add more to really drive a point home, where I needed to cut back as I was being redundant and where my flow was inconsistent and making it difficult for the reader.  In short, Chris was invaluable to getting this book published. I literally could not have done it without him.” 
~ Dave Schwendiman, coach and author of Selling from the Top of the Ladder: The Ultimate Sales Playbook

“My book wouldn’t be the book it is today without my editor, Chris Nelson. He never hesitated to provide respectful, honest feedback, and when correcting my writing, he did so while maintaining my voice and writing style. In addition, my book contained illustrations and Chris was a key contributor, helping to flesh out ideas behind those illustrations which elevated the book’s messages. I’m so appreciative of Chris and the skills, talent and professionalism that he brought to my writing project. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a first-rate editor!” 
~ Melissa Ford, coach and author of Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach; co-Author of When All Boats Rise: 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice


“Editing others’ work is a highly specialized craft, and Chris Nelson is a master. Quite simply, he is the most wonderful editor! Chris exhibits a wizardly and rare combination of honoring and respecting the author’s voice while suggesting spot-on edits and ideas with kindness; he always feels like a friend who just happens to also be expertly supporting me through what can often be an arduous process of getting a book ready for publication. The way he organizes material and alchemizes clarity from chaos is nothing short of extraordinary. Chris has edited both of my books and I never want to work with any other editor!”
~ Christy Harden, author of Guided by Your Own Stars: Connect with the Inner Voice and Discover Your Dreams and I Heart Raw: A How-To Guide for Reconnecting to Yourself and The Earth through Plant-Based Living







“Chris Nelson is a magician.  He changed my book from very simple storytelling to what I really wanted, which was a profound connection to the material and my audience.  My goal when I was writing Invisible Things was to convey the joy, fear, love, awakening and profound connection I feel in each of the stories.  The bones of my stories and each short chapter were good, and Chris helped me make them great.  When my writing wasn’t clear, Chris asked deep, probing questions to make sure that my message was imparted the way I intended.  It was never Chris’ words—instead he spent many hours making sure that it was my voice, honest and clear.  He also helped me when it was time for me to do my audio. He made sure that the sentences sounded smooth when I was taping.  I find myself wanting to write again, and I know that I will be able to let my thoughts flow because Chris will be there cleaning it up when I’m ready to move forward.  It is an honor to write a testimonial for this talented writer and editor.” 
~ Tina Quinn, coach & author of Invisible Things: The Most Important Things in Life Are the Ones You Can’t See

“Chris Nelson was a godsend. I had the pleasure of working with Chris as the editor for my first book The Prosperous Hip Hop Producer. I can not imagine what this process might have been for a first-timer like myself without his advice and mentorship. What I enjoyed the most about working with him was his ability to offer suggestions that allowed me to keep my voice within my writing. Any author and/or business in need of an editor, writing coach or copywriter would be lucky to work with Chris.” 
~ Curtiss King, recording artist, record producer and author of The Prosperous Hip Hop Producer: My Beat-Making Journey from My Grandma’s Patio to a Six-Figure Business



“As a parent at Bright Water Waldorf School, Chris understood Waldorf philosophy. When we hired him as our writer and editor, he found a way to represent the magic of a Waldorf education in our newsletters and on the school’s website. A good writer observes and listens well and brings creativity and imagination to the task. The warmth and joy of the children could be felt in his work. So many in our school, including me in my role as Head of School, relied on his careful writing and editing to make our work shine.” 
~ Jayasri Ghosh, Ph.D., former Head of School at Bright Water Waldorf School

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Chris to develop and create my children’s book, The Tale of Little Wind. I live in Scotland, U.K., which means my editing experience with Chris has all been online. He was professional, encouraging and more importantly I felt his genuine care for my book to come alive. Chris is a very good communicator and was kindly honest. He helped where I was struggling in my book and gave me confidence to persevere in order to publish my first book. Chris has a wonderful way of keeping the whole editing process simple, with exceptional and successful results. I’d highly recommend him for his naturally gifted writing skills and equally for the soul connection which brings joy to the entire journey.”
Linda Yim, author of The Tale of Little Wind









“Chris and I attended the same transformational life coaching school together so when it came time for me to write my first book, Teach and Still Have Time to Pee, I knew that Chris had the kind of insight and guidance I needed to get started. Chris enriched my journey with resources and insight from his own extensive experience as a writer, editor, and artist. I felt like he listened deeply and was able to understand my voice and what my goals were with my book so that I could stay true to my vision throughout the process. Chris is more than an editor — he is a steady guide on the uncertain path of creating.”
~ Jamie Johnson, author of Teach and Still Have Time to Pee