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It was an extraordinary three-way partnership, and it produced extraordinary results.

The physical side of the collaboration involved Rita Warren and Frank DeMarco. Warren was a professor of psychology who spent four years directing The Monroe Institute’s laboratory, helping volunteers achieve and explore altered states of consciousness under controlled conditions.






DeMarco was an author and editor who had learned to bring forth messages from the non-physical world. For months, in weekly sessions, DeMarco entered an altered state and Warren asked important questions about life, the afterlife, channeling, the nature of good and evil, politics, history and much more. On the nonphysical side, what DeMarco and Warren called “the guys upstairs” provided answers.

The Sphere and the Hologram is a record of these ground-breaking conversations. It is a work of thoughtful inquiry, rich with insights into the nature of reality and blended with humor and deep compassion. It invites you to explore alongside Warren, DeMarco and the guys upstairs, and to discover your own answers to the most profound questions of existence.

Reliving that life

July, 1961. Ernest Hemingway, the world’s most famous writer, has just used his shotgun to get himself out of a life that had become insupportable.

Only… apparently death is not the end.

Apparently death and life have rules and possibilities he hadn’t suspected. And here he is on trial, required to examine his life as it looks from the other side, after the fact, not only from his point of view but also from those he interacted with.

His wives. His parents. His friends and adversaries. Everyone he touched in sixty years of intense living. His loves and almost-loves and sometimes-loves. His fellow authors, his publishers, his rivals and his mentors. He will confront them all.

In the course of the trial, he looks more closely at his achievements and failures, in the art he created and the people he touched. Mostly, he is faced with absorbing the impact of a life that stretched so far in so many directions: writer, voracious reader, connoisseur of fine art, fisherman, hunter, raconteur, warrior….






How well did he make use of his opportunities and talents? Who was he, and what did he do? What did it all mean? And how might it all have worked out differently?

No easy job, examining such complexity. But what he learns, how he changes, will determine where he goes from here.

Hemingway was one of the greatest writers America has yet given to the world. Papa’s Trial tells the story of his life, as it appeared to him and to those around him. Even long-time Hemingway devotees will find themselves looking at him in a new light as they consider what his life was, why it was that way, and what it might have been.

About the Author

Frank DeMarco is the author of three other novels (Messenger, That Phenomenal Background, and Dark Fire), and 11 non-fiction books, including The Cosmic Internet, Rita’s World (two volumes), Awakening from the 3D World, and It’s All One World.

Mr. DeMarco was co-founder, and for sixteen years was Chief Editor, of Hampton Roads Publishing Company. His blog, I of My Own Knowledge…., may be found at